Tips on Grinding Your Own Beef

People who grind their own beef don’t really understand why anyone would ever buy ground beef as that contains who-knows-what, from the possibility of E.Coli to old beef, you never know what is being grounded.

At home, you can control the beef used, the flavors added and also make sure the fat content is perfect for crispy burgers.
For the most juiciest of burgers, make sure you get at least 15% fat in your beef chuck. The right beef-to-fat ratio gives your burgers the extra punch that store-bought ground beef can never match up to.

A tip for knowing you have the perfect fat content is when you can see the fat along with the beef. Ask your butcher to show it you.

The meat blend is also important when grinding the beef for the burgers. You can play with the flavours by adding short ribs and other cuts. But usually the chuck works the best for luscious burgers.

Before grinding the beef, chill your grinder parts and the beef in the fridge till thoroughly cold for smooth grinding.

If you’re a regular beef grinder, you could opt for one of the economical commercial grade meat grinders for your home. These machines are durable and make grinding a breeze.